Tuesday, March 7, 2017

January 23, 2017- I'm Moving

So...... Transfers are tomorrow! I just got a call that I will be packing and most likely Elder Kim will be coming back to Flushing! So..... I finally get to be a junior companion! The cool thing is though...... I will still be the District Leader! So that will be interesting. Haha but everyone thinks now that I will be training the new Korean Elder coming in March. His name is Elder Blackford. Awesome thing about being the only Korean District in the mission is that you know who is coming in already and can guess who is training. So that was today for you haha! I'm pretty excited though, even though it will be hard and I need to learn some Korean very quickly! Korean is getting better! Sure it is still hard, but I really enjoy reading Korean! Speaking and stuff is still really rough, but I love just sitting down and reading the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, or talks in Korean. :)

This week I've traveled a lot! I went to Jamaica twice which is the area right under Flushing! It's only 5 miles away but it took 40 minutes to get there! That's what happens when your in the city ;) I went there with a member on splits. We visited a guy who is at the hospital he is super cool. His name is John. He served a mission in Korea and then served in the US ARMY over in Korea. 

This week we just had fun and tried to find people like crazy! We found one person who lives in Manhattan, his name is Jimmy. He came all the way from Manhattan on Sunday just to meet with us for a lesson! He is super energetic and fun. He has a lot of struggles in life, but doesn't let that get him down. 

It will be exciting to see what happens with him! I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I know I sure did. I learned a lot about myself this transfer! I had to learn patience.... A lot of patience! You will get along with some companions, but that doesn't mean that you will agree with everything they say. That's what I had to learn this transfer! I also realized that I have to take a look at myself first. Maybe there was something I needed to fix. That's when I  saw the changes in myself and my companions!

I challenge all of you, if you have a relationship with someone that may not be the best. First look inside yourself, change what you can change, then the rest will fall into place.  If you truly do all you can to change yourself and make it better, it works! If it doesn't just know that it's not because of you! 

Love you all! 

🇰🇷Elder Smith🇺🇸

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