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February 14, 2017- Just get to WORK

How is everyone!? This week was great!

But before I start I want to give out some thank you's!
Angela, The Neilson's, and the Bambrough's! For Christmas (sorry really late thank you's)
Also to uncle Rusty, Aunt Becky and the girls! For an awesome Valentines gift! 

Tuesday we had a Mega zone conference which is all the missionaries in our stake. So there were about 50 missionaries there considering we only have 4 stakes in all of New York South :D there are about 9 million  people here in Long Island, but our church is still very small. We have throughout the mission only 3,000 regular sacrament attendance. So the church is nothing like it is back home in the West. But with that all said, I love it! The members here are insanely strong and faithful. They are truly converted and each and everyone of them have to work so hard in their everyday lives (living in New York is ridiculously expensive). Let alone having callings in the church. Our Stake President is a spiritual Giant! When he talks to us as missionaries or to the stake he is overpowering. He shows so much love and care for the stake and carries that message over with such power. 

Our stake President and many leaders have said our Branch President (President Lee) is one of the most powerful and faithful men he has ever met.
President Lee is the best! He has 2 young kids. Lives about a hour away from our church. Never misses meetings. Always has time for members and missionaries. I have never heard him complain once.
He has put new light into being a leader here for the Korean District. I want my District to know that we can truly help, that we can strengthen members and help them to become better. I learned that missionary work is not about numbers and baptisms. For me it's about the connection with members, less actives, and people in general. 

I wasn't sent to this mission to just baptize people. I'm starting to realize that I was sent here to this mission to be with members, less-actives and strengthen people who are maybe struggling a little more than usual. I have been blessed to see many people all of a sudden have light in their eyes and have joy in their lives. It brings me true happiness to laugh and talk with them! 

Well sorry about my blabbing! ;) back to the week! 

Huge Blizzard!!! 
Or so they said. It snowed all morning but stopped... they closed things down and cancelled school. Honestly it was nothing... I was very disappointed considering it was the first snow for a while! Honestly it's already February and it just barely snowed on Thursday, I thought storms here were huge, I guess not. Utah is pretty bad I hear though. My video I'm going to send is me getting excited for a big storm, but it died a couple hours later. 

Being a missionary is honestly one of the best things in the world! It is a true blessing and opportunity to be out here. I feel so great and I am learning so many Gospel truths out here! The spirit I feel is amazing, I feel so happy. Sure I have down days, but those days quickly disappear as I go out and work. Sometimes I just pray and plead for blessings and help, but usually it just takes work. I have found the greatest blessings when I just go out onto the streets of New York and just go to work. I try to pray with my feet and try to show God that he can trust me.
Sometimes we just pray and plead with our Father in Heaven for blessings, but we don't do anything! So I ask all, what are we doing to show our Father that we truly want these blessings? Are we doing our part? 
That's where I have been catching myself lately. Am I doing my part? Am I working and showing God that I want this? These blessings? 

Honestly this goes for everything in life, school, work, and hobbies.
Are you doing all that you can to show God you want this job, that you want to do good on this test, you want to be great at this sport? It takes work, most things are not just going to be given to you. Work hard in school with homework, at work... Work harder do better, be excellent in what you do! In sports and practice, work harder than you did the day before! 

One thing I learned on my mission is this... WORK! I admit to not working hard for my goals at home, at school, in sports. Now I see, now I truly see what work means. And I hope all of you can reach for your goals by really working hard for them! It may seem hard or even impossible at times, but ask God for strength and he will help you, if you are willing to put in that work and try to reach that goal! 

Sorry I went on a rant... I've been doing that lately! But I love you all so much and I hope that these long emails aren't too boring! I will be sending videos also so watch out for those! Hopefully they work! :D

Have a great week! 안녕!

🇰🇷Elder Smith🇺🇸

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