Tuesday, March 7, 2017

February 20, 2017- It's hard, but worth it

Hey everyone!!!
Wow the weeks just fly by! So I hope everyone got the pictures and
videos :) I like pictures and videos more than just typing out these
group emails. 1. Because you get to see some people and what I do. 2.
It's a whole lot easier to take a picture than to type out an email.

So about missionary work here. The New York South mission is so
unique! With 7 languages things look a lot different than in other
missions! In other countries you just have normal districts because
you are all speaking the same language right? Not here, we are all
split into language Districts.  Also Flushing (the area I am serving
in) is the only area where there is a Korean District. So that
means..... I get to stay here for over half my mission!
Also a unique thing about Flushing is that I see almost everyone in my
zone everyday. It's a smaller area and there is only one church
building where we all do everything so at any time of the day if you
head to the church you will see missionaries. It's really fun! We grow
really close to each other. It's like a big huge family :) in our zone
we have a English car area District of 4. A Korean District of 6. A
Chinese District of 6. And a Spanish District of 2 English
missionaries and 4 Spanish.

That's our zone! I just thought I'd tell everyone because this week I
didn't have much going on. If that's not interesting then I'm sorry I
hope you like my pictures and videos haha!

This week I was kind of down one day. I had no motivation at all. But
my awesome companion Elder Kim really helped me out. We talked about
some things and helped get me refocused on our purpose. It's these
moments where I am blessed to have others in my life. God gave us
families and friends for a reason. Let them help you, and help them
when needed. Sometimes I get really stubborn and frustrated especially
in missionary work. Sometimes you may not like the way people do
things. Everyone is different. I've learned to adjust and learn. Maybe
it is better to do it that way. It's hard. It really is, but when you
accept it and learn to change your attitude wow can you see the

The mission is teaching me so many new things that I would never have
learned any other way! I still have a lot to learn, and the amazing
thing is I still have a year and a half of amazing learning
experiences ahead of me! It will be hard, but totally worth it!

Hope everyone has an amazing week!
Love you all!
🇰🇷Elder Smith🇺🇸

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