Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jan 3, 2017- The Year of the Missionary

Hey everyone! Wow I hope everyone had a great year and hopefully everyone made some great goals to start 2017 off right! Well like the title says this is my year as a missionary. It's so awesome to think that I will be out here in New York serving the Lord for this whole year! I love it! Next week on Tuesday I will be going to the Manhattan temple for my 6 month mark temple trip! Preparation day will also be on Tuesday next week! It's so weird to see time go by so fast. It felt like yesterday I was in the MTC trying to adjust and learn a language. 

My week was pretty great! On Wednesday we had exchanges with the Chinese zone leaders Elder Wu and Elder Switzer. Elder Ha and Elder Jarman went with Elder Wu. I went with Elder Switzer. He is so funny and such a great missionary. He is going home in 3 weeks and is still such a consecrated missionary. It was such a fun time and we ate some good food at a Chinese member's home. It was so good! They are such great leaders I love them! 

Also Saturday night we had to be in at 6pm! So we had some fun and I think my boys would know how it was! We played monopoly all night! Haha we had a lot of fun and just drank a ton of apple cider! 

Yesterday we had interviews with President Reynolds. He is such an amazing man! I look up to him so much! Honestly he is my role model. He is very spiritual and knows what to say and how to say it. It was great to be in a position where we got to talk to each other about the District.  It was a great! 

I learned this week and after talking to President, that I need to pray more intently and sincerely. So I challenge all of you to pray more intently this week! Really talk to our Father in Heaven this week!

I love all of you and hope everyone had a great New Years! 

Till next Tuesday!!!

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